ELEC 424, Summer 2015







Useful Stuff


Lecture Notes

and Solutions

First Lecture Slides

Research Paper and Presentation

Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 1:  Crystal Properties & Growth of Semiconductors

Silicon Run I Glossary

Chapter 2:  Atoms & Electrons

Silicon Run II Glossary

Chapter 3: Energy Bands &

Charge Carriers

Chapter 1 HW Key

Chapter 5: PN Junction and Diodes


Chapter 2 HW Key

Chapter 5: Fabrication

(not testable)


Chapter 3 HW Key

Chapter 6: MOSFETs


Test 1 Key

Muller: Basic MOSFET


Chapter 5 Notes

Chapter 8: Optoelectronics


Chapter 5 HW Key

The Final Lecture, Chapter 9

(not testable)


Test 2 Key

Make an FET



KryoPhysics Movie